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The BEST video game ever, created for real

martial arts students.

Real Martisl Arts

Dragon Force Ninjas has real life

physical locations.

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Dragon Force Ninjas Birzona supreme, Sorcerous, and leader of the uncivil.Dragon Force Ninjas Orc Uncivil elite soldierDragon Force Ninjas ice goblin, the uncivil's favorite foot soldiers, ice goblins, mud, goblins, and even stone goblins when there's evil to be done they're ready.Dragon Force Ninjas and the feared skull pirates, the uncivil's favorite sea and air tell thieves.Dragon Force Ninjas and the green ninja, thunder.

Real world rewards that Students love !

A beautiful and exciting video game !

Perfect for learning Martial Arts and having fun !

We have Dragons, Wizards, Sky Islands, Flying Pirate Ships and the and more !  

Did I mention there's Ninjas? Choose your device And download the app or

play onlione.

Play the game live the adventure !

Meet the Characters

Dragon Force Ninjas, purple ninja and nursery, Dragon, AniaDragon Force Ninjas red ninja save pointDragon Force Ninjas blue ninja and orc squaring off over a dragon eggDragon Force Ninjas the green ninja under getting ready to teach a Gartlan a lesson.Dragon Force Ninjas waterfall beach and a dragon eggDragon Force Ninjas red ninja getting some Honor coins'