The First Real World Rewards Viedo Game For Martial Arts Students !

A game that allows Children to unleash their imagination by giving them the freedom to create their own Ninja that represents them in the real world. Players will enjoy the immense possibilities available in the game – including appearance, powers, abilities,   and much more.

What is Dragon Force Ninjas

They will participate in the wildest story imaginable and they will be the heroes.

For the first time in Martial Arts history, your children can create their own Character and be rewarded for what they do inA video game as well as the real world. This means that they’ll be able to create a customized Ninja out of many carefully chosen options And it will actually reflect what they are doing in martial arts classes.

Living the Adventure

Username and Display Name

Your children are also able to choose their own user or character names. While the username they choose is not visible to other players in  their martial arts school or in the game community, the display name is visible. This means that children may play online with people they’ve never met or played with before, and these people will see the Display name that they’ve created. Don't disclose personal information to strangers. Teach your child not to reveal personal details or sensitive information about themselves or your family and   private life.

          Help them be smart when choosing user names. Kids shouldn’t reveal things like their name, home address, and phone number, but they should also avoid revealing other information like where they go to school, the names of friends and family, their parents’ or places they might plan to visit. Any time your child is filling out any type of registration you should be present and be aware of the terms of service included in the game’s software license agreement and Dragon Force Ninjas Privacy Policy.

If a child wants to receive rewards for referring a friend or tell them where their martial arts school is at they can do so in person or through

the game below.


Download the game then go to the top left-hand corner and select the

dragon gear to see who's participating.