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“We think we can save you.” The Neurologist said to me. “You think you can.” I Replied. He shrugged his shoulders and said “ 10 years ago you would’ve been a Different story but we think we can save you it’s not the kind of tumor you have that’s the problem it’s the size “ WilI I at least live long enough to see Christmas?” I asked. “If you don’t do this surgery tomorrow you won’t live long enough to see Thanksgiving.” He replied. It was November 8. And I knew He was telling the truth.

I had a tumor. A big one. 5.5 cm nearly the size of a tennis ball. It was coming from the eighth cranial nerve  and it’s called an acoustic neuroma and it was killing me. Literally! Not only did it hurt but I had run out of time And Room in my skull!

I didn’t even know I had it. It was nearly 20 years old he said .

A lot was going through my mind. Yet at the same time nothing at all. I looked up shuck my head and said.

” yes sir I understand.”

I thought to myself my wife is OK I made sure to that and The business could run itself for a while . But I never once considered I could die.

I also realized it explained a lot. And I knew without a shadow of a doubt I was gonna have a headache  when I opened my eyes tomorrow And I did.

After the surgery the next day, I also heard a voice in my head. It was telling me to get up. It was like an echo from the past or maybe  the future. I’m not sure where it came from but I knew it was telling me to fight.

I was accidentally fought with the anesthesiologist team and I kept thinking to myself don’t hurt them don’t hurt them. Weird how a Martial Arts teacher does that. I’m on my back with holes in my head and a tube down my throat and I,m thinking don’t hurt the guys that are waking me up.

Luckily the tumor was benign. Most likely caused by head trauma. But when a doctor gets on TV and says it won’t hurt a bit or it’s an easy surgery I want you to know he’s lying.

Mine was telling me the truth you’re probably in a lot of pain he said someone just drilled a bunch of holes in your head. He was great everyone was great they worked together to save my life and they did.

What they didn’t know was inside my head he had help. I kept hearing A voice saying. get up! It wasn’t subtle mind you it shouted over the New extreme version of Tittunus  in my ear and there was counting with it like a time limit I had to Stand in.

Get up! It kept saying.

Fact of the matter is everything wants to knocks you down. I was in good shape and I did everything right worked out ate good And life still knocked me down. It’s going to happen to all of us. Even if were the best fighter in the world. The thing you need to remember is that you have a purpose. I’m not taking punches anymore and my spin kicks lack a certain sense of balance that keeps me up right but I haven’t given up just yet. I still have a purpose, So do you. Every single student we have thinks we have superpowers and we need to be accountable to that fact. We also need to be who they think we are. In July I’m going to lunch DragonForce ninja and I think I’m going to change the face of Martial Arts forever.

But meeting the love of my life. Seeing students grow up to be young men and women of honor and integrity knowing you had a hand in that. Creating a game that makes your friends and you more successful. Or winning the fight when all you could see was the referee holding up his fingers and counting .


Two ,

Three. It’ll never happen, if you don’t stay focused

Four . Ignore how hard you’ve been hit.

Five . Find determination to win the fight.

Six, And Get up!

0h but I bet you thought this was about hyperbarics  ?

It is actually. Approximately six months later the doctor said I was all clear, which, of course was just his version of all clear, not mine. After clearing me, I asked him if there is anything else I could do and his nurse told me I might want to look into hyperbarics. I immediately started looking up hyperbarics on the way home. I found a location and after a short while I convinced my wife to try it also. Before she went into the chamber I said, honey I want to buy one of these for our fitness club. It instantly made me feel very good. It stop the ringing and the pain almost immediately after getting out of it for her she immediately stood up, looked at me and said, I understand let’s do it.

I think we knew that if it helps us so quickly and so deeply it would help others also.

Oxygen is a fundamental nutrient for our bodies. We can live three months without food, three weeks without water, but we can’t go three minutes without oxygen it is literally the fuel by which we live the air we breathe.

It helps repair neurological damage, prevent numerous filaments focus our mind detoxify our body and distress our spirits. Within.

An exclusively custom health and fitness experience hyperbaric fitness club brings the best technology and latest tools to a healthier stronger more useful version of you,