Birthday Parties

Three dragons got out of the nursery. Their lighting everything on fire. Go put them back before they burn the whole island.

Right before you Go The sensei will give you five speed potion’s.

He will also say if you need more speed ask your sensei for Power ups!(that is a real world reward encouraging the player to bug her Sensi about the game :-) in a good way)

The mission is to capture all three dragons. Once you grab one it will automatically return to the Nursery.

The dragons should be hard to capture and they should run all over the realm. There is also a time limit attached five minutes. They should need every bit of it. The map will show the players where the dragons are with the dragons won’t hold still.

When we are done you should return to the sensei and he will say. Wow I’m tired just watching! Go see how our friend The blacksmith is doing . This will be a good transition for the players to explore and go onto the next mission which will be to see the blacksmith.

Yellow Belt