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Find the Sensei. He’s located at the top of the mountain by the Dragon Force vortex.

He’s clearly perplexed the Orc’s must’ve done it again. They obviously snuck through  the  skull Mountain mines. There after the dragon eggs as usual.

Sensei was saying:

Mission number one:

We’re missing 34 dragon eggs. Go find them and put them back in the nursery where they belong. And remember to Vanquish any uncivil you find along the way. I have marked their locations on the map.

The ninjas will have to be thorough and find all of the stolen dragon eggs. The counter to the top left of the screen will tell them know how many eggs are left. The compass towards the right top of the screen will also show them where the eggs are at and where the bad guys are at. You would be wise to use it.

When you have found all the dragon eggs the sensei will award you your first special ability which is the dragon Force ability.

The mission is a scavenger hunt. There should be 34 dragon eggs hidden throughout the realm.

Find them all report back to the nursery. Make sure you vanquish uncivil as you go. Uncivil  capture all three dragons. Once you grab one it will automatically return to the Nursery.