Hyperbaric Fitness Club Stuart s Premier health club. Bringing optimal performance to our daily, through the power of oxidization with hyperbarics.(HBOT).
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Action Certified.

Crossfit  level 1 coach.

MMA Masters Certification.

Fourth degree Tae Kwon Do.

Second degree Hapkido.

Quick defense certified.

Created the Dragon Force Ninjas youth martial arts

Video game.

Founder of (TMA)

Traditional Mixed Arts.



Scott Grove is a Master Level martial artist and Certified personal trainer. He also created the Video game the Dragon Force Ninjas! He began instructing combat classes at the age of 16 and for the last 25 years he has been a martial arts and fitness club owner as well as a personal trainer.

He truly believes "Fitness saves lives!"

He has guest taught in local schools as well as hosted and spoke at seminars with as many as 500 participants and cherishes the opportunity to pass on what he has learned.

He specializes in scalable functional fitness training.

An exclusively custom health and fitness experience hyperbaric fitness club brings the best technology and latest tools to a healthier stronger more useful version of you,