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Blue Form No count.

( The Battling)

All requirements should be done on front and rear sides.

Basic Form 8 Movements.          ( The Foundation )

Yellow Form 18 Movements.      ( The Rising Sun )

Orange Form 18 Movements.    ( The Setting Sun )

Green Form 20 Movements.      ( The Hidden Path )

Purple Form No count.              ( The Strom of Life)

Blue Form No count.                 ( The Battling Brook )

Brown Form No count.              ( The Hard Mountain )

Red Form No count.                 ( The Fire Within )

Black Form No count.               ( The Begening )


     All Basic kicks:

     All Intermediate Kicks:

     Advanced Kicks:

Hand strikes

     All Basic Hand Strickes:

     All Intermediate Strikes:



       All basic blocks:

      All Intermediate Blocks:




      All Basic Stances:     

     All Intermediate Stance:     



All Speed drills.  

     Speed drill number One.

     Speed dill number Two.

     Speed dill number Three.

     Speed drill number Four.

     Speed Drill number Five.

     Physical requirements:

               100 sit ups

               100 push-ups

               100 jumping jacks

               100 squats

               10 Chinups chin over bar

               1 mile run