Imagine having your own video game, letting all the students use it and getting new referrals for it. The best part is,  it's only $45 a month.

Sounds to good to be true?

Well Here It Is!

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1. Students need motivation.

2. Schools need New students.

3. Marketing is changing at the speed of light.


4.There are over 90,000 registered martial arts schools in Amercia and you need a competitive edge to keep up.

5. Have you seen the kids playing videogames lately? Imagine them wanting to get extra Honor Coins or Experience Points, So they refer their friends.

And who do you think they are referring them to?

6. Let's be honest. We are the best. You can like football, soccer, hockey, lacrosse And all the rest. But at the end of the day, Martial arts is the best. And you deserve to be more successful.

7. Well that's what this is all about. No more Failed Attempts at mailing fliers or using social media To make you work like a dog For their profit. No more trying to figure out how to reach your target market or getting them to tell their friends about your club. The students are going to be asking You For push-ups and not the other way around.

Dragonforce ninjas is going to give you the following:

The contact information of every player that signs up to play the game Free or Paid.

A referral tool that is affordable and effective.

A reason to invite your target market to your club Every week.

A way to reward your students That they can take home with them.

Monthly tips on how to get new students.

New training ideals.