Hyperbaric Fitness Club Stuart s Premier health club. Bringing optimal performance to our daily, through the power of oxidization with hyperbarics.(HBOT).
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Welcome to OSI Health Club home of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Infrared Sauna, and Ice Bath/Cold Plung Recovery

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Please make sure you've perfected all of the techniques before Attempting to Promote to the next rank. Required gear is listed in the fee section.

Below is a demonstration of the proper execution

of the Fourth Form.

Forth Form: Green belt, 21 movements ?

THE Hidden Path .


Fourth form 21 movements



The board breaks are an over head knife hand strike and a side kick.

Each belt has a set number of training hours a student must complete before they are eligible for the promotion test.

White Belt to Yellow Belt :

38 Hours

An exclusively custom health and fitness experience hyperbaric fitness club brings the best technology and latest tools to a healthier stronger more useful version of you,